The Foundation launched its artist-in-residence projects in 2009. The residencies are by invitation and provide an opportunity for artists to come into close contact with the organisation of the Foundation and everything that it is part of. After an initial exploration, the artist, in relation to his or her personal research, develops a project specifically for the spaces of the Foundation. The residence itself lasts about a month during which the artist, assisted by the Foundation, sizes up the context and territory and carries out the project that culminates with a solo exhibition. The artist is called upon to exchange ideas with the city both through meetings open to the public and collaboration with students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania who become involved in implementing projects through workshops and seminars.

The first two artist-in-residence projects by the Foundation were called Fortino1 and Cretto and ran from 2009 to 2012 with a series of eight exhibitions. The artists were selected according to quality criteria set by the three curators making up the technical panel of the project: Helmut Friedel, former director of the Munich Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Giovanni Iovane, freelance curator and teacher of Contemporary Art History at the Art Academy of Brera, and Nuno Faria, freelance curator and teacher at the University of the Algarve.


With Michael Beutler, Seb Koberstädt, Christian Andersson, Diego Perrone, Paolo Parisi and Luca Vitone, Fortino1 involved young artists from Central Europe (Germany, Sweden, Italy), invited to produce works, object of temporary exhibitions.

According with the two curators Friedel and Iovane, the works that the artists are invited to produce, has to be an efficacious contemporary instrument to define a new reading of the context through “foreign” eyes: an important contribution toward reducing distance between cultures. Fortino 1 meets perfectly with the goals and ethos of the Fondazione Brodbeck, as well as the specific qualities of the place in which to work, with the manifest intention of suggesting an opening in a highly characteristic location.


The Cretto project, curated by Nuno Faria, was built conceptually from and at the place where it is shown: the Fondazione Brodbeck, in Catania, Sicily. It had a long period of development, including preparatory trips, several working sessions with the artistic direction of the Foundation and hours of discussion with the artists that will be presented over the next three years. The initial aim was to propose a project that would somehow complement the project Fortino1 featuring artists from Southern Europe or Latin America. If the title of the project inevitably evokes the spirit and mythological energy of the place, recalling a moment/contemporary monument duality, the basis of the concept of memory as a function entrusted to preserve and transmit energy in time, it also refers to the literal meaning of the word: crack, interval, cut.

Esther Kläs

Our Reality (October 2015 – January 2016)

“My grandparents had a cup, it said My Cup on one side and Your Cup on the other. To have My Cup facing towards me seemed always clear. To address Your Cup to the one across from me was logical, but I could never stop thinking about if the person in front of me, while reading Your Cup would refer it to him/herself or me”