Diango Hernández

Today ours mail boxes are jammed with fake surprises and with terrific false news and they all go directly to the junk, yes into this little container full of huge lotteries rewards to be immediately collected, millionaire transactions to receive and free wonderful sex, this is an astonishing place stuffed with tenting promises of a better life.

All we have to do is to CLICK, as simple as that, with a very elemental move of your index finger you’ll get there, probably you would even meet Dr. Christopher Harrison whom would be waiting for you at the Victorian station with a huge leather suitcase fill with $16.5 Million Pound.

João Maria Gusmão e Pedro Paiva

João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva (JMG/PP), is a pair of Portuguese artists that, in the year 2010 worked in situ, in Catania and in other parts of Sicily, where they made some of the pieces presented at the Fondazione Brodbeck.

JMG/PP create a profoundly unique universe of references, disorienting in the way they introduce narratives or filmed events, which fluctuate constantly between the contingent and the indiscernible. Thus, the final result of their work resembles to “anything that may be outside of any kind of order, like a theory of exceptions, a non-theory, seeking among the most unreasonable arguments, what has not yet been seen and rarely thought: the unlikely”.