Esther Kläs

October 2015. The Foundation is pleased to announce Our Reality the exhibition of Esther Kläs which opens until 16 January 2016.

Esther Kläs, Our Reality, 2015

“My grandparents had a cup, it said My Cup on one side and Your Cup on the other. To have My Cup facing towards me seemed always clear. To address Your Cup to the one across from me was logical, but I could never stop thinking about if the person in front of me, while reading Your Cup would refer it to him/herself or me.”

The German artist is expressing a thought here that describes her interest in the vision of an open reality, never constrained by conventions and stereotypes. If the contemporary world tends to make everything conventional and systemic, dulling intellect and hence a free interpretation of the world, in Kläs’ work the definition of a beginning and an end is unlikely, if not impossible altogether.

The form, material and colour of her works, owing to their arrangement in space or compared to other works present, as well as the production process involved, are elements that stimulate the mind, the eye and the stomach of the viewer. They lead towards a perception that bounces back and forth between concept and emotion and that kindles a personal journey of dreams and interpretations.

The exhibition is the closing event of the residence that Esther Kläs undertook in the city of Catania during which she has produced a body of complex works comprising sculptures and large format drawings.