Mini Things (for big contexts)

Mini Things (for big contexts)

The new program of initiatives by the Fondazione Brodbeck, a prerequisite to provide continuity to the choices of the past in the light of new challenges. Besides themed exhibitions, which make the most of the accumulated capital from the collections, the operational scope of Mini Things draws inspiration from the phenomenon of Social Media

The protagonists of this context will implement the social network of contemporary art “dynamically”, exchanging information with other professionals and also with the public invited to actively take part of the discussion.

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For the #0 event of the series, Federico Baronello introduces conditions and arguments of the Mini Things program.

Christoph Meier talks about his role at the Secession, the oldest artist-run space in the world, in relation to his work and, in general, to the Viennese scene.

Ute Müller shares her experience at the Stanza della Seta, Artists-in-residence program in Ficarra, a small village at the foot of the Nebrodi Natural Reserve.

Christoph Meier and Ute Müller live and work in Vienna; Federico Baronello lives and works in Catania.