The Foundation



Paolo Brodbeck‘s formation is from the Swiss School of Catania and the Scientific High School of Chur (Switzerland), Entrepreneur in the field of distribution of articles hydro sanitary. President of the Swiss School of Catania. Contemporarily President of the European Association hydro sanitary wholesaler and component of the executive committee of the Italian Federation of the same.

Art lover and contemporary art collector from 1990. Founder of the Brodbeck Foundation.


Vice President

Nadia Brodbeck earned her Degree in Language and Modern and Foreign Literature at the University of Catania. Shes qualified to teach the German Language and German Literature a Palermo in 2008.

From 2007 has filled in for her father Paolo Brodbeck in the realization of the Brodbeck Foundation.


Art Director

Gianluca Collica starts to work as art dealer in 1986, with his father Francesco. Owner of the Gianluca Collica Gallery. In 2000 directs the Cultural Centre Palace Fichera of Catania which was closed in 2006 in correspondence at the beginning of the project Brodbeck Foundation.

Has worked with artists like Ceal Floyer, Lawrence Weiner, Urs Lüthi, Jan Vercruysse, Mario Airò, Luca Vitone, Erwin Wurm, Hans Schabus, Heimo Zobernig ecc. Organizer of numerous public projects: Theatre Botanico, Project ISIDEM, Louise Bourgeois, Ettore Sottsass.

All images courtesy Carmelo Nicosia.